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DL signal strength

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    Hello guyz,
    I have a specific problem that never seen before, need your help on that issue.

    I have a cell which have 6 TRx. And my main problem is that average dl signal strength is too low(-107db) on BCCH Trx.

    * When I swap signalling channels on other TRx and this time that new BCCH TRx degrades.

    * When I lock BCCH Trx, new BCCH assigned TRx degrades.

    When i check signal stregth of per TRx, always only BCCH TRx has low DL signal strenth, other hopping TRx’s are working normal. When i swap BCCH on that normal working hopping TRx, that time i have same problem on that new BCCH TRx and old BCCH TRx improves.

    Hope i explained my problem well.
    Thanks in advance.


    hi nsnopti,

    do you reckon it could be a problem of feeder swap ? the bcch might be always located on the same feeder, due to combiner choice, that’s why you always see it with a low rxlev, whichever the physical TRX.

    otherwise, you should try to delete the cell from OMC-R (or even the whole BTS), and re-create it from scratch (that’s an old ALU trick…)

    if nothing works, then assume the hardware is faulty (probably your combiner(s))


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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