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2nd carrier implementation 3G Huawei

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    Hi All,

    Currently, i’m supervising 2nd carrier implementation in my company (operator) which is being done by Huawei team.

    We’d done 2nd carrier trial in 2 nodeBs. As I know, this implementation will bring the soluction of the capacity. I can se that the traffic/payload has been shared between F1 and F2 (new carrier). But througput before and after implementation are the same, no difference at all. Code congestion is also decreasing.

    Related to capacity, what I want to know is : whenever new carrier applied, it means that there will be more users which attempt to 3G, either in F1 or F2. Now, as more users are able to attempt to 3G, there must be a compensation in IuB capacity and also in CE capacity (CMIIW). Well, in nodeB, only 4 E1 for max Iub, also right now, maximum CE in our nodeB is 384 CE (Board WBBP).
    I guest that when the traffic are going higher, there should be a declining throughput. Am I right?

    I’d be grateful if we can discuss more about it and anything abour 3G.




    Kindly Anyone with 3g exp, enlighten us on this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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