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En_PFC_Feature/En_Streaming in Alcatel

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    Can anyone please explain the b/m 2 features related to GPRS(ALU).
    “En_PFC_Feature” and “En_Streaming”
    Should they be enabled on a Network as most of the Networks I have seen have both these features disabled?
    Thank you.


    hello ALU,

    PFC feature allows the MFS to handle the packet flow context : this is the qos context provided by GGSN at PDP context activation.

    Thanks to the PFC, some MS could enjoy higher priority than other MS. When radio resources are congested, those MS will be served in priority.

    In other words, there is a distinction between best effort and interactive class.

    The Streaming feature comes ON TOP of the PFC. A thrid kind of MS is considered. Those MS would get a Guaranteed Bit Rate (GBR) and the highest priority.

    Those 2 features are never used by operators, except in very few cases.
    Why ?
    Because it adds a serious amount of complexity to a network, and those featuresmust also be activated in the core network (HLR/GGSN/SGSN)



    Thanx Pix for your detailed reply. With Streaming Feature, the GBR and highest priority allocated is MS Specific or Service Dependent? I mean, is the priority defined for a particular MS(if yes, where is it defined(HLR,Core etc) or does it depend on the service ie… if you are using a particular service, you get more priority?
    Secondly, is Throughput improved after enabling this feature?


    The criterion to define a specific PFC are fully explicited in the core network (ggsn, hlr)
    The most logical way is to associate it with a specific service (a specific APN), but I guess you could also associate it with specifi IMSI’s.

    MS with GBR will totally crush other MS. You will increase your congestion rate, you will decrease the throughput for the nomal MS.
    But you will ensure that throughput for the special MS is always available.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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