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UMTS_Load Control

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    Hi guys,

    I expect you are all ok.

    I have some questions about 3G. If you enlighten me I’ll be glad.

    1. The basic phrase is :”The WCDMA system is a self interefering system” what does it mean exictly? If it is related with the frequency all cells brodcast same frequency. So, can I say it is related with the power? If it’s related with the power how does it effect depend on the active set cells number? I mean If active set is defined as 3 4th cell will be polluter. If it is 4 then 5th one will be. For both case power will be same… I’m really confused about it.

    2. When I read Load Control subject, it says “PUC is valid ONLY FOR INTERFREQUENCY cells”. I fthe network uses only one frequency this feature can not be activated or not?

    My questions will be continued 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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