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TMA….uplink or downlink ?

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    hey guys…. i want to know about the TMA(tower mounted amplifier)..

    is it used to amplify the signal in the uplink or the downlink and why?,,,

    somebody told me that the TMA amlify the signal in the downlink path only to increase the signal power and coverage…

    for the uplink the MS will do this job and there is no need to amplify the signal in this direction….. waiting for your thoughts


    TMA only ampifies the uplink.
    It compensate for feeder loss and ensure a balanced link budget.


    Improved Coverage
    Compensates typically weaker uplink
    Compensates for feeder loss
    Better Network Quality
    Less dropped calls
    Improved voice quality
    Higher uplink data rates


    thanks rahul for replying…

    another question in my mind i want to ask…is the TMA used for 3G only or it can be use for 900&1800 bands and why?

    because i only see the TMA installed for 3G and i never saw it installed in 900&1800 band …i don’t know why…. any thoughts?


    TMA can be installed in both 900 & 1800 gsm n/w and also for 3G n/w.
    Basicall TMA is for amplifying the uplink.

    If needed i can send u the presentation on TMA.


    Dear sir i has a problum for Rbs 2964 commission.plz sand me all commissioning staps&Pdf file.

    Thank you!


    thanks raul very much for replying…i will be very grateful if u send me this presentation..

    my mail is

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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