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EDGE is not working in new ZTE iBSC

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    I rehomed site from old bsc to new bsc but MO call is successful but EDGE is not working in new BSC whereas it was working in old BSC.

    Urgent help needed.


    did you rehome into iBSC from V2, Does this BSC have any earlier running site in it, check BVCI, BRP/DSP module capacity


    I rehomed from old iBSC to new iBSC and MO call and EDGE was working in old BSC whereas old bsc configuration data is loaded in new ibsc but MO call is ok in new bsc and EDGE is not working.

    In new BSC its 1st site which was integrated for testing purpose and i am facing the issue.

    Please Advise.


    I am sure you must have checked the GB link and nsvc proper configuration, also check whether there is break at sgsn end and check RAC of the site and whether the same RAC is defined in sgsn

    Ajmal Aryanpoor

    Mr. Gemstone

    Please make sure your Gb interface config is fine, than check the site configuration on UPPB/DSP and confirm the RAC is correctly configured in SGSN. also please reset the CMB of sites and use channel combination 14 PDTCH in TRX.
    i am sure it will work.



    I am getting frame discard rate due to buffer overflow on UPPB board
    Do anyone know what is the buffer value for UPPB board
    The vendor is ZTE

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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