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5MHz Frequency allotment in UMTS..

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    Malay Das

    In UMTS how much carrier frequency is alloted in Each sector of a BTS??
    Is it 5MHz or something else?
    What is the Bandwidth of a Scrambling code?
    Is it same like 200KHz carrier channel in GSM??


    1st of all in UMTS working is WCDMA based,so carrier frequency is in 2100MHz band but can be same through out PLMN,
    2ndly frequency is 3.84mhz envelope and not 5mhz,
    it is different from 200khz carrier as wcdma is being used in umts.


    Hello guys,
    In UMTS, frequency band is 5MHz and we have a total of 12 frequency carriers. The uplink frequency is 1910-1970 MHz and downlink frequency is 2110-2170 MHz. The chip rate for scrambling is 3.84Mcps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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