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location update issue

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    Hi, Please help me as there is number of locatin update on a sigle site on highway. the imsi that is try to attach is from different operator.MSC rejects all thEse imsi.and this is crating signlling load b/e BTS-BSC-MSC But how is it possibelL that number of location will happened in the network and that is due to other opeator IMSI.
    BSC immediate assignement is 99 percent and MSC attache is 1 percent.

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    it’s probably because other operators do not provide such a good coverage over there (either poor coverage or their bts is unstable), therefore their MS will try to connect to your network.
    It would be a good roaming opportunity ($$ revenue $$) for you if you decide to accept those IMSI 🙂

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    Thanks pix for Your Reply,

    But can we stop thse imsi to latch on to the network. as they are only incraasing load of signalling between BTS and MSC. and MSC is rejected all these request.

    Can we have any parameter or timer at BSC or MSC Level in Huawei System.

    The network in in intially phase and still it not lived. so we want to avoide these request.

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    as far as i remember, it is not possible to avoid those requests.
    the only way would be to reprogram the SIM cards, to remove your network from the “available” networks.
    Needless to say, it is not possible.

    Why not raise the issue to the other operator, ask them to check their coverage stability in this area ?


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    Thanks Pix,

    As per u, this is not possible to avoide such request.If in a city there is only two operator say A and B. And if site of B Operator down for whole city around about 6-8 Hours. During That period, Will thers is large number of request on Network A and might this can cause network congestin for the A. If one imsi see that reauest fails to connect to network A and then after how much time the imsi again send the request. or is there any paramete in the MSC that can bu used at this situation to avoide these request or deilay the request to come again and again.

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    hi shah,

    it is all internal to the MS, the timer duration is specified in 3GPP. I forgot what’s its name, and what’s its value… sorry.

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    how do you know the location update is conming from other operators ?

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    Hi mariachi,

    we have make trace at MSC level. where we found that imsi is from different operator

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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