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PDP get drop–3G to 2G

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    kamal k

    Hi Guys,

    We are facing PDP drop while moving from 3g Serving area to 2G area..(PS Handover..!!! or cellreselection..!whatever..!)

    Here is the exact senario..

    We are using 3G nw of other operator(Paco vendor-nokia,Radio vendor-Erricson)
    Our NW(PACO & Radio=Nokia)

    We are able to ping-pong PAPUs from respective SGSN of both Operatiors..

    While PDP is not active,normal LU is happening fine..

    But PDP get droped while moving from 3G serving area to 2 Garea..

    GGSN being used is ours only for both SGSN..

    There is correct entry of LAC/RAC in DNS also…

    I think there must be something “specail” from radio end..

    Need your support for the same..

    Kamal Kotecha


    Any suggestion guys..?
    Pix,Pan,Bijoy..need your support..



    i’m a little confused when you say “pdp drop”. You mean the PDP is deactivated ? by the GGSN ?
    And then a new pdp context is established when MS enters the 2G network ?

    From radio side, there is nothing that would impact the PDP. I would focus entirely on the GGSN settings, and possibly check behaviour of MS. Detect who is dropping what, find this scenario in the 3GPP docs. And from there, I think we’ll find something 🙂

    Waiting for your inputs,


    Thanks Buddy,

    Well,from DT it was showing that Neighbor cell is DTM enabled..

    While same GGSN is being used for both..So I’m confused regarding that..

    While in cases of Inter SGSN of same PLMN,All we need to do is configure the LAC/RAC @ DNS accordingly..

    We have captured the MMTORI traces(Nokia SGSN format) will let you know after analysis…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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