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Load Sharing within Signaling Links

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    Ahmad Anas

    I’m working as Switch Engineer in one of the priemer telecom service provider in India. Do anybody know how load sharing happens within signaling links in a linkset. As SS7-signaling load can be shared among (max)16 links in a linkset. It would be better if anybody explain loadsharing with LSK=5(Load Sharing Key).



    The LSK parameter (0-15) contains the key for the load distribution of all traffic on a link set among the links allocated to it.
    The link table of each linkset contains 16 elements each filled with an active link of this link set. When routing a MSU the link table element is selected with the help of the SLS field (4 bit: 0000 …1111 or decimal: 0…15).
    Which active link is used for routing MSU dependson the way links distributed over the link table. The LSK of the link set influences the allocation of the avaliable active links to the 16 elements of link table. Finally this means that the LSK determines the assignment of a given SLS to the active link to be chosen.
    The link table is divided into to called traffic units. A traffic unit can occupy 1, 2 up to 16 elements of the link table. All elements occupied by the same traffic unit are filled with the same active link.
    LSK specifies the maximum number of active links which can be used for message routing. To do this. the decimal LSK is converted into a binary value. The number of bits which is set to 1 is decisive for the number of traffic units:

    Number of trafic units = 2 onto number of binary 1s in the LSK

    e.g. LSK=5: binary 0101 (two 1s) number of traffic units= 2 onto 2= 4
    That means that linkset will consist of this 4 of traffic units.
    Number of link table elements (SLS value) per traffic unit = 4

    (4 x 4 = 16)
    That value is good only for 4 links in linkset…with this number of links and LSK=5 you will have equal distribution of MSU’s per links.

    Best regards!

    Ahmad Anas

    Hi Erox!
    Thanx a lot for your reply.
    Infact I’ve got the same reply from Siemens-TAC. Can u pls tell me how will the MSU’s get shared in the event of having deficit links in a linkset.say for LSK=5 having 3 links considering that 1 has gone out of order.
    Also do u have idea about loadsharing among signaling linksets(LSK=0,1,2..4). I belive load sharing can happen among max of 2 linksets. Does the same binary conversion principle holds good here also. I’ll be very much grateful to u if u send any documents in this regard to my email-id(


    I don’t think that load sharing is possible between link sets, as far as i know its applicable onlt for the links in a linkset.


    Hai erox ,

    Can you please explain how the load sharing happens when only 3 links are there in a linkset.Is it true that number of links in a linkset should be 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 ? otherwise one link will be overloaded ?

    Can you please explain in detail.


    I am agree with Anas,
    if someone can explain it with example would be more easier to get? how it happens.


    in motorola GSM BSS system(GSR 5 version or later) ,there is no restriction on the number of ss7 link number,can be 1,3,4,5…


    Hai erox/anas

    Can you please explain how the load sharing happens when only 3 links are there in a linkset.Is it true that number of links in a linkset should be 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 ? otherwise one link will be overloaded ?


    If you have 3 links:

    link 2 and 3 have the same load, but link 1 has a litle bigger load.
    (In a block of 16 MSU’s link 2 and 3 accept five and link 1 six MSU’s)

    Ahmad Anas

    U r smart man. Right a way u have begun with 16… But thats the fact. Coz I have seen that to happen in live traffic..

    In a linkse with 3 links

    Link1: 0.44 0.49 0.47
    Link2: 0.45 0.45 0.44
    Link3: 0.37 0.40 0.40

    In a linkset with 4 links

    Link1: 0.27 0.28 0.26
    Link2: 0.28 0.28 0.26
    Link3: 0.27 0.28 0.26
    Link4: 0.27 0.28 0.26

    All the above datas are in Elr.

    Hope this clarifies ur query


    How this Erlang is calculated for C7 Traffic ?



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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