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data test on handset

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    Hi experts,

    i need to perform throughput,latency,ping, PDP context activation time on handset using different APNs.

    can anyone tell me how can i perform this test and using which handset.


    Hi Ds,

    I think you refer to E-GPRS technology, right ? Or is it 3G ? I recall 3G is using PDP contexts as well ? It should…

    Anyway, to perform such test, you need either a drive-test mobile (such as TEMS or NEMO, google them), or any recent phone that you could use as a modem towards your computer.
    Your computer would be connected to internet through the wireless data connection (2G or 3G).

    Then, from the PC, do some downloads and pings to your GGSN or near-by servers. And then dowloads and pings to internet servers….



    Thanx Pix for the reply.
    i refer to EGPRS tech only.
    i need to give separate values through laptop and also through handset using different APNs.
    the method u told is for laptop values. but how can i get RTT, PDP, throughput on handset while browsing different websites like gmail,orkut.
    we are using Ericsson handset k790.

    can u help me in that.



    for MS values, you need to have a specific software for that. If you were using android/iphone phones, i’m sure you could find such an app somewhere in their respective “markets”.

    The other solution is to use a trace mobile (tems/nemo/agilent, etc), which will act as the end-receiver, but will forward all collection information to a computer. That’s the solution I recommend if you’re working for a telco company. every company has at least 1 trace MS.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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