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suddenly fill all SDCCH reasorce

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    hi all.
    i encounter with strange problem.
    my vendor in BSC and BTS is nokia.
    one cell in my Nokia BSC use whole SDCCH reasorce with no reason.
    it have 23 SDCCH(3 SDCCH/8)That 2 of them place on BCCH TRX(with CBCH On one of them)and 1 ofe them is on NonBCCH TRX.
    my site is 2-2-2
    i visit site and dont have any HW problem,even i exchange BB2F with other sector,but problem not solved.
    i check very Parameter in cell,all of them set rational.
    Periodic LU is 4 hourse in whole nework.
    this site is not in LAC border.
    when i disable IMSI detach/Attach in this cell the problem doesnot solve yet,it means that SDCCH reasorces doesnot occupy with IMSI detach/Attach Process or LU.
    i have Congstion on SDCCH and SDCCH blocking in this cell and i have a few traffic in this cell.
    can any body guide me to solve problem without visit site again?!


    i forget one thing.
    when cell has no SDCCH free i have DYN-SDCCH in use for one TCH in cell.


    Hello jack,

    Try to lock on this cell (Using TEMS Pocket for example) and make test calls to see if any problem will be related.

    It seems that u have long SDCCH mean Holding time not related to equipment as you change BB2F.


    Tom Byrom

    Hi Jack,
    i have the same problem in some bts. There are sdcch congestion in some moments.
    Do you got a answer?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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