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Electromagnetic radiation effects health

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    Partho katyayan

    Hi,here i would really like to know the effects of EMR of mobile and base station on health which are installed in limited area and with prior permission of local governments and to what extent they are harmful to living beings.Apart from this what precautionary measures should be taken to less the effect on human health,if can not be completely stopped.please reply



    nobody knows about health effect…
    precautionary measures:
    activate all features that decrease UL and DL power. You can start with:
    Power Control
    Good antenna design

    Those are the major ones.



    In addition to what mentioned pix. As a network operator you should follow local regulations. For example in our country, the regulation indicates that the power density in environments where there may be population should not exceed 2mW/cm2. So every time you turn on one BTS we must verify that this value is met by a measurement with an specific instruent

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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