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Erlang of a E1 trunk

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    S. B. Chan

    Can any body tell me the detail definition of an “Erlang”? What data is needed to determine the capacity (erlang) of a CCS7 trunk.

    Gilbert de Bree

    1 circuit busy for one hour, half an hour 0.5 Erlang.

    I will give the calc for a C7 trunk soon.

    S. B. Chan

    Dear Gilbert de Bree,

    Thank you very much for your comments. But I don’t catch your meaning. What do you mean “1 circuit busy for one hour, half an hour 0.5 Erlang” ? What do you mean 1 circuit? – 1 pcm channel? What does ‘half an hour 0.5 Erlang’ mean?

    Your further clarification is greatly appreciated.


    Hello SB chan,

    Yes, one circuit means one pcm channel.since we have 30 channels in pcm i.e. 30 circuits. The occupancy of one circuit for 1hr is 1 erlang.

    But even I didn’t get meaning of half hour 0.5 erlang????

    Mwenya Mutale

    Yeah, half hour 0.5 erlangs doesn’t really make sense.But I gather what Gilbert meant was that if all 30 pcm circuits are occupied for half an hour then that is 0.5 erlang.The confusing part comes from the instance in which
    half the circuits are busy for 1 hour!!!….that is 0.5 erlang isn’t?


    1 circuit busy during 1 hour = 1 Erl.
    1 circuit busy during 30 min = 0,5 Erl.

    That is what he ment.


    Does anybody have an answer for his second question? Where can i get a ccs7 calculator? I need to know how many BHCA a 56kps ccs7 link can manage. This has to do with call setup between a PSTN and a CDMA cellular network. How long does it take to set up a call?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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