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Unstable RxLev

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    Hi Pix and all experts,

    My vendor is Huawei.

    My problem is about unstable RxLev due to terrain. Let me explain more:
    Assume that there is site located on 300m hill and site height is 60m. There is another mountain on direction of third sector(about 420-450m). When 1st sector is serving (by back lobe) 3rd sector RxLev values seems about -60dBm. After first sector make HO to 3rd sector its RxLev goes to -90dBm.It repeated 3 times and after that first sector signal reaches -108dBm and ofcourse quality goes to 7 and it can not make HO even HO attempt. Without block or dropped call, call is complated.

    By the way, this happen occur 3km away from the site. Everything is normal till that kilometers.And site doesnt have any tilt.

    Unstable signal can be related with shadow effect or HW issue? What can I recommend for it?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi 123,

    First of all, check the TRX which has bad RxLev. I mean when your RxLev is bad you are on SDCCH or TCH? If you are on TCH you may check which MAIO is used. If same MAIO has problem During the test recommend to check the TRXs.

    Let me know after you checked.



    good to knw


    may i know other factors that might affect the rxlev?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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