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begin in 3G ERICSSON

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    hello everybody,

    i have a strong experience in BSS ERICSSON 2G,but i want to learn the 3G,so can some one advice me for begining???


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    start learn concept of WCDMA, it will help you understand how 3G network operates

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    Once you´ve finished with the wcdma concepts as nux said you will need to spend several hours reading alex and surfing business objects to get close with the KPIs and counters
    I have a lot of information about setting and KPI monitoring if you are interested

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    Hi Ater,

    Me to new in 3G please sahre the KPIs to first I shall start to look.



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    nice offer ater :), can you share some KPI sample?

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    The 4 Basic ones (traffic, accesibility, reteinability and integrity)
    PS or CS or HS Accesibilitty= (RRCfailrate * RABfailrate * Iubfailrate)
    Iubfailrate always close to 100% (so the main factors here are RRC and RAB fail rate
    Each service has its own counter (speech, CS64, HS, etc) with pretty much the same name (mo: utrancell)
    Drop rate: for some engineers (me included) only usefull for speech. There are specifics couters to calculate the KPI and to indicate the reason for the drop you need to look for them in Alex ( mo: utrancell)
    Minutes per drop: related to reteinability for PS or HSDPA
    There are specifics couters to calculate the KPI look for them in Alex ( mo: utrancell)
    Traffic: Speech erlangs, PS_R99 HSDPA and HSUPA (erlangs, Kbps and number of simultaneous users)
    Integrity: The most important is the Throughput for R99, HSDPA and HSUPA(measured in RNC and nodeb)
    There are a lot more for monitoring and troubleshooting but to long to explain here: Noise rise, classA B or C fail rate and VC utilization (in case of atm iub links). Monitoring of scheduler resourses, bler and cqi monitoring, Channel elements utilization.

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    ater, as i am now involve in CS core network integration, what things i have to learn first? i’ve been in RAN for 4 years but this is my first time in core network.

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    Since umts introduces several changes to the GSM core You’ll need to study several things but it depends on your particular task what you should focus on
    There re many articles on the web that will give you an idea

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    Any clue how to convert the HSDPA data volume (KB) into Erlangs??

    Is there any direct relation between the above two.

    As I understand, Erlang means a channel seized for one hour and within this, any amount of data can be downloaded based on RAB established.

    Plz comment.

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    je veux maitrisé le 3G

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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