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Huawei Egprs only MCS2

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    Hi all,
    Why on one site DL/UL TBF never exceed MCS2 even all configuration are the same like other sites which attempt MCS9?
    Vendor: Huawei, BTS312 with RETR, supported GPRS and EDGE.

    Thanks for all support.


    Maybe there is no Idle Time Slot in Abis for this site.

    If no any Idle Timeslot configured, you can have only CS1-CS2, MCS1-MCS2 not more


    Hi Huawei_ROPT,

    Site config is 8/8/8 with two Racks BTS 312, 3E1s, Two TMUs for the main rack. Idle TS are now 88.
    When I check on PCU side with hyper terminal it seems that there is no enough TS allocated (UL:0x02, DL: 0x0f)

    any idea?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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