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2 separate Cabinet with Same HSN

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    hi experts.
    i have two cabinet(Nokia Bts) in one Site.
    my conf is 8-4-8
    first 12 trx(sec 1 and sec 2)is in cabinet 1 and sec 3(last 8 trx) is in second cabinet.
    i use 3 different MA list for this site:

    MO for all sec=0
    MS for all sec=2
    HSN for all sec=31

    i dont have any common Freq in my MA LISTs.
    my site is under 2 BCF.
    BCF=1,8-4(cabinet 1)
    BCF=2,8(cabinet 2)

    i have no Sync Betwen 2 BCF(cabinet)
    each BCF gets its Clock independently.

    i have a lot of CDR in busy Hours.

    what is the problem?
    please correct me about my Config if it is wrong.



    apart from bad CDR, is there anything else which is bad ? (tch assignments ? sdcch drops ?)
    i would suspect a feeder swap or trx swap : investigate this by performing a call setup in each sector, and onto different TRXs, to see if any trx shows poor setup success.

    of course, there are other possible reasons…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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