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a lot of question about gprs

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    hi experts.
    please clarify me about these questions:

    1) What does TBF stand for and what does it mean?
    2)What is TFI?
    3)What is TLLI and what is its significance?
    4)How is TBF established in One phase acess and in two phase access?
    5)what is conention resolution?How is it resolved in One Phase access and two phase access?
    6)what are the modes of TBF?what is the difference between them?
    7)what is the scope of TFI and TLLI?
    8)What is the window size in GPRS and EGPRS?How is related with BSN?
    9)what are the different allocation modes?
    10)how does the MS inform the end of data transfer in Uplink?
    11)how does the network inform the end of data transfer in Downlink?
    12)What is the maximum value of CV.
    13)what is the use of polling?what is RRBP?
    14)What is SSN and RBB in packet uplink ack/Nack?
    15)What does USF stands for and what is its use?
    16)How many frames is required to constitute one RLC block?
    17)what is single block allocation and multi block allocation during a two phase access?
    18)if a network does not transmit PSIs does that mean MS wil not be able to use packet(GPRS/EGPRS) services?
    19) what is stalled condition in TBF?
    20)what does TMSI stand for?what is the significance of TMSI?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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