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This topic contains 9 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Sandip 11 months, 2 weeks ago.

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    Dear all,

    NSN flexi hybrid IDU (SRA4_HC) is a transmission equipment developed by NSN. My questions are as follows:-

    1) How to download the the IMG files using FTP client, using it there i got an error “Incorrent command”, so wht is the procedure for compying the IMG files to PC and vice versa for updating the FPGA

    2) Normal NSN HOPPER has the power limit of -4 – 20 dBm but here the power limit is variable for diff diff IDUs i found e.g – 5-17 dBm or 5-20 dBm. Why? and if we can change the limit?

    3) Always getting problem when commissioning it in East-West mode: assume that an IDU is already working with it’s East modem and now i have to put another link from it so i have connect the IF to west modem but when i connect it to west modem it takes much more time to detect the ODU and i got many parameter errors when commissioning, so wht’s the problem and wht would be the better way to commission in this situation.

    4) When i connect the ODU (using IF) to IDU then the modem’s Status LED goes UP, if there is any way to lit off like previous if i disconnect it from ODU?

    5) ODU getting faulty in general, what would be the real causes, whereas in same environmental & installation condition Hopper is more sustainable and getting 2% faulty in comparison.


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    how to recognize that perticular idi is iether 32 mbps,100 mbps or 155 mbps by looking model no. sticker.

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    dharamdeep gupta

    please help for troubleshooting Flexy Hybrid faults

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    For SNR related problems in FHRs you may have to apply these steps
    1) Check the connectors and it’s better to connetorize it again.
    2) Check the interference of radios by muting the farend’s ODU.
    3) Clean all the cards and install as it is.

    that might be very helpful

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    sumit pachauri

    discus the details of NSN_flexi hybrid idu

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    Matthew de Beer


    Did you ever figure out how to download the config from the flexihybrid using ftp? i’m having the exact same issue.

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    kundan r.pardake

    What if temp of the is high or what is the temp working range of idu

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    Birendra Yadav

    I know FHY IDU is the hyper terminal configuration of the logging cable.

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    How to solve the IDU-ODU communication issue?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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