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Measurements drop

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    I am seeing a strange issue in rural area field testing.During a call setup, measurement reports show a drop of rxlevel from -85 dbm to -110dbm. A small drop is understandable as the measurements are on different channels, but this much high variation is surprising.
    Has somebody seen this behaviour previously?


    does this rural area has hilly environemt, if so then it may be because of fading which cause intersymbol interference
    the delay between one path and another in multipath fady should be less than 1.6 micro s

    el mariachi

    hi Aby,
    please check if this behaviour is applied on all the cell in this area or on particular cell only,

    1-you can check the VSWR problem on that cell. as well the path balance values per TRX.

    2-check if the rxlev drop occures after an intra cell Handover, this means the E-tilt of the secondary freq. band (i.e DCS)needs to be uptilted a little.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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