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How to do Planning ( BSIC, HSN, MAIO) ?

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    Sarada Prasanna

    What are the criterias to follow during he planning of BSIC, HSN & MAIO?

    Can we plan same BSIC in all sectors in same BTS?

    More informations are always invited.

    Thanks in advance


    BSIC is to differantiate bcch’s, so dont give bcch-bsic combination if possible(or give to cells far)

    if u have a common MA list(1×1 or 1×3 sfh case) dont give same hsn to close sites and to cells of a site give same hsn’s

    MAIO depends on ur trx number and hopping model(u will find lots of topics about this in the forum)

    Sarada Prasanna

    Dear Brother,

    In my network I am having the following structures.

    Please let me know what are the Basic DO’s & DONT’s.
    We are using Motorola System.

    BCCH-> 99 to 111

    TCH 900-> 81 to 98

    TCH 1800-> 736 to 757, 828 to837

    BSIC-> 20 to 27 & 40 to 47.

    Thanks in Advance..


    you can map HSN to BSIC if you use BBH


    BSIC = 5 , HSN = 5
    BSIC = 11, HSN = 9


    Here is what I experienced :

    1.In FLP :
    a. Same BSIC in 1 BTS (3 sectors) with different BCCH each sector is OK
    b. Same BSIC & BCCH in nearby cells is not OK even though both cells are separated with far distance (3-4 kms), it will cause High interference
    c. Same BSIC with different cells is OK as far as interference by co-channel doesn’t happen
    d. Same HSN, same MAIO & MALIST in nearby cells (usually happens at the same antenna’s direction) is not OK ( if those nearby cells are separated by far distance, exg 5 km, it’s ok, but may be with low interference, you should check it by drive test) it will cause High interference (Change HSN, then it’s cleared)

    2.In BBH:
    a. Remember that in BCCH, each sector of a BTS or with nearby cells is designed with different frequency channel, so HSN and BSIC do not significantly affect the interference. In BBH, interference is triggered with the same frequency channel.




    Yes my friend, in my advice,you can plan same bsic in all sectors in same BTS.


    As long as the BCCH are different we can set same BSIC. But nearby cells having same BCCH should be given different BSIC so that the BCCH of different cells could be differentiated.
    For MAIO and HSN, it is better to give same HSN with different MAIOs for the cells in a BTS. It will reduce interference

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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