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Abandoned Calls

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    We have 5 sites using ASPECT switchs, our average monthly call volume is 10 million calls, Our Abandoned rate is 1/2 a million call a month, we are not measuring any calls less than 2 seconds but We wanted to know why the calls are abandoning after 11 seconds (90% of these abandoned calls happen after 11 second hold time), I need the experts opinion on how to trace abandoned calls, We have InterQue in place by using 5 ASPECT ACDs and 3 ROLM PBXs. any help you may give on how to trace calls or a strategy I should be adopting in fire fight this problems, also If you can share the components that cause a Call to abandoned other than customer hang ups. Thank you all

    Please note that our blocking ration .001%


    Concourse Group

    What call handling is provided during hold time–music, voice recording, keep-alive beeps, silence? If silence, you are lucky they hold for 11 s. Your abandon time is much shorter than I would expect for such a large call center, though you say nothing about what kind of call center you run. Comparative empirical abandon times are closer to 90 s for call centers of similar volume. They play music and recordings on hold.


    It depends on what type of business you run. What type of calls do you receive? In my business, I receive calls from people who are also running their business and often they have to hang up before we can answer their call because a customer pulls them away from the phone. Analyze your caller types to determine if the answer is similar to mine.

    Simon Bright

    Have you checked the occupancy times for all trunks. If you spot one that is a lot less than the average you could have a faulty trunk. Poor or one-way transmissions could cause abandons. So could false answers where the call is accepted and then immediately rejected due to channel state signalling faults.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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