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Query on count of CSSR

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    Sarada Prasanna

    My query is —

    1. I am working with Motorola system( Dual Band).
    In some cells I am finding CSSR value more tha 100% (which is impossible in real).

    What could be the reason for this? And also how can I solve this problem?

    2. In some cells I am finding there is no SD Drop,no SD Block, no TCH block. But still my CSSR value is poor ( around 70%)in BBH KPI.
    What could be the reason and solution?

    Thanks in Advance for reply


    Can you check the CSSR formula in your network?


    it will be helpful to share your KPI formula to know how it is. sometimes some main counter/objects/formulas are not set properly. in TEMS you can see sometimes that in a logfile the call End number is more than call Setup, for example call end= 104, call setup=88 which shows something new…, but if you check the call attempt/call attempt retry, you will find the issue(even you can find the missed counters in formula from this logfile).


    Hi Sarada Prasanna,

    I have a little experience about Motorola equipment so i can share with you.

    1, Some cells have CSSR are more than 100% due to:
    In Motorola system have handover SDCCH. You can check on database of site.
    If SDCCH_ho is enable then CSSR may be more than 100%. The problem happens when an SDCCH handover occurs during a call set-up attempt. “This causes the call set-up success rate on the source cell to report low and the call set-up success rate on the target cell to report high. This is due to the OK_ACC_PROC call attempt statistic [call set-up success rate denominator] pegging on the source cell with the TOTAL_CALLS call success statistic [call set-up success rate numerator] pegging on the target cell. The source cell ends up with a call attempt but no success and the target cell ends up with a call success but no attempt.”

    2. If TCH no block but CSSR is still poor. Can you check with MSC for investigating proplem.


    hi.. actually i am new with this technology and still have much things to learn more.

    last week i have done calibrating the radio for motorola. before i do the calibrating, there is no alarm reporting for LOW CSSR FOR SECTOR 1 AND 3. but a week after i done the calibrating for sector 1,2 & 3, they (Network Management Center) told me that the alarm LOW CSSR sector 1 & 3 is shown up.

    could anyone here can help me, what is the cause for this problem..


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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