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Effect of Traffic increase and call drop

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    Hi experts

    Any idea about the relation between drop call rate and excess traffic increase.

    what is the effect of call vloume and call duration.



    1. Call drop rate is calculated number drops/attempts so more traffic more attempts and less dcr but..(in optimization there is always but)
    2.if ur radio condition is not good than higher traffic may cause more drops which is not visible in case of low traffic


    because, i will give u an example, 2 tch frequencies can interfere each other when there is traffic(these can be hoping frequencies as well) , so more traffic means more timeslots are used and more probability for frequency clash at for any timeslot,

    one more thing, high traffic can cause proper handover delays,call dragging is one one the disgusting problem when u see in log files

    thanks and regards…


    Thanks Brother;

    so i can get that the excess traffic in bad RF Conditions ;increases the DCR

    Do you have a presentation or documents regarding this case.

    Actually, in our network we are facing the DCR increase in the time of discounts and offers due to the high traffic & I’m searching in the cause.

    Also i’m trying to search in the effect of the call duration & call vloume on the DCR.

    once again thanks, and if you have any detailed documents ,i will be happy 🙂



    Dears, in addition to the comments of (brother), it is better to check the call preemption which drops the normal calls and gives priority to the VIP calls, here is important to know the source of calls from which kind of area it is?(much increment is in which kind of area(business, military, residential,….). to judge better. i know that the traffic has gone up in all your network but it cant be uniform increment in over all network. it is better to mention the source of call increment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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