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frequecy replaning

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    Hi to all

    Iv got FH activated on my network. Our band is from channel 41 to 80
    we r usin from 41-58 for BCCH 59 safety and 60-80 for hoping with 3MA groups so we have patern 1×3 on most of the sites.

    I want to remove FH and configure all sites with fixed freq. activate intracell HO for AMR and non AMR and maybe the traffic capacity will increase a litlle
    Any sugestion for the new patern or the software to use? What parameters are u using for BQ HO, Interference HO, TA HO, Layer HO, for city and for long fields.

    I will really apreciate ur help

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    hi eagle,

    with your sfh 1×3, you were using 21 freq. I guess your cells are using 4 TRX ?
    1 trx bcch + 3 trx “tch”
    that was a little too much, in terms of radio load.

    41 to 80 = 40 channels
    depending on your urban topology, you could achieve a reuse cluster size of 10 to 13.
    RCS 10 = create 10 groups of 4 frequencies
    to be used in case of good downtilt planning, little overlap between neighbours and basically a “flat” topology (all cells have same antenna height, about same coverage)
    group A = 41, 51, 61, 71
    group B = 42, 52, 62, 72
    group C = 43, …

    group J = 50, 60, 70, 80

    RCS 13 = create 13 groups. In that case, you cannot use 4 trx/cell. You are limited to 3 trx/cell.
    Use this in case of more difficult areas (hills, lakes, lots of overlap between cells)
    group A = 41, 54, 67
    group B = 42, 55, 68

    group M = 53, 66, 79
    (freq 80 is not used)

    This is a simple example, but you can decide to create 2 fixed freq plan = 1 for BCCH and 1 for TCH. But that’s difficult to do manually. However, I don’t recommend this : when you will activate BBH, the benefit of having this split is useless.

    For automatic freq plan, you can use your vendor’s own planning tool. It probably does automatic frequency planning based on radio counters or drive tests, and consequently it will probably generate valid plans. I know the ALU tool is quite good in this regard.


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    Thnx Pix.

    I have 4 TRX so I will use RCS 10

    How about
    HO parameters,
    channel parameters and
    cell selection re-selection parameters?

    I have Huawei equipments.


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    rcs=10 will be difficult to plan, I must warn you…

    regarding all your parameter settings, you are basically asking me to give you a set of default values… Huawei doesn’t give you default values ?


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    About the values iv got default ones but they are best for the safety of huawei.
    I’m asking from ur experience what r the best.

    For rcs=10 what do u suggest?
    Another rcs or something else?

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    for the default values : i can’t give you optimizer values unless I know your cells, your topology, your strategy, etc… and on top of that i don’t know huawei 🙂

    for the rcs = 10
    only one way : reduce the number of trx per cell 🙂
    otherwise, ensure taht your downtilt are very aggressive. the cell’s coverages must be as sharp & contained as possible.

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    Thnx Pix.

    I cant reduce the number of trx.
    just going to try rcs 10 on a small city isolated by mountains and see what will happen.

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    I agree with that is ok to try on the cities isolated by mountains

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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