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BBH stats pegging on TRX level

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    Question 1 :
    How come traffic is different on TRXs of the same band. I mean since each call is hopped on all TRXs their traffic should be same except BCCH TRX that might have lower traffic.
    Question 2:
    Would call still drop in BBH if one of the TRX is faulty. As per theory since TRX is switched then overall quality should improve and consecutive SACCH frames won’t get lost and no Drop due to faulty TRX…. but I am sure there would be a “BUT”.

    All Questions carry equal marks 🙂



    1/ in alcatel : the MS are staying on one TRX, and the TRX is hopping onto several frequencies.
    So the traffic will load the last trx first, etc. And you will see this behaviour in the rtch_traffic_erlang per TRX.
    This is not true in other vendors !
    2/ No : as said above, one faulty trx would only impact the 8 calls it is carrying, in ALU.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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