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threshold paging per BSC

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    dear All,

    for ericsson BSC, is there any limitation for total number of paging procedure can serve?
    because in the busy hour, we obtain if total paging more than 35.000 paging / hour, our paging success rate decrease.
    as information we use R.99 siemens MSC and BSC ericsson.



    35.000 pag/h = 1 pag/s
    I’m sure that ericsson bsc can handle more than 1pag/s 🙂
    can you check what is the peak rate during the BH ? perhaps the hourly average is not realistic enough.



    thx pix,
    we already find the main root caused due to this problem. there is high congest in BSC SAE (related to RACH failure) in busy hour time.
    after we changed it, network performance increase.

    as info we change for SAE 913, SAE 500 block RMSCS&RABDI, and SAE 1162 to 16000


    hi pix,

    I have some question related to paging strategy. in some place we find some BSC is cover for several LAC.
    1. is it good or not for network performance.
    2. is there any disadvantage we will face if we implemented it. like resourse consume or high signalling load if we compare with 1 LAC only support 1 BSC.

    thx before.


    Hi machzar,

    It is quite common to use multiple LACs under one BSC. However, we can have several LACs, as long as number of BTSes under each LAC is not huge. I remember having something like 8-10 LACs under a BSC but around 6 of which had less than 5 BTSes attached to it. So again, its just a question of loading the BSC. I am talking about Ericsson BSC by the way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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