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paging lod relation with mfrms and pg ty

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    guy, please share your opinion, i have some problem with lac dimentioning.
    replacing lac spliting, do we have any parameter setting to overcame paging load? let say, what parameter had sygnificant impact for paging load?, what impact to paging load if we resize paging group?


    I think increasing MCCCH is very power full doubling paging capacity or more according to no. of MCCCH


    hi herman,

    to reduce paging load u need more paging channel. so first of all find out the cells having combined sdcch means sd is on BCCH.

    make it to non combined made. keep the sdcch on 2nd timeslot.

    by that way u can get more control channel block in a 51 multiframe. also please share the parameter setting mfr and agbl in ur network, so that we will work out on this

    shankar singh

    Hi,everyone i am sr.optimizer,i love 2 share my views here..


    Hi all

    The feature MCCCH is provided to increase the capacity for paging, immediate
    assignment and channel requests in the network. This is made by introducing
    the channel combination VI (according to 3GPP TS 45.002) BCCH + CCCH.

    When using a LAPD Concentration Factor > 1 and MCCCH is used a maximum
    of 3 CCCH channels can be used. This is due to that the LAPD link load is
    close to or above the recommended maximum value of 80% when using 4
    CCCH at their full capacity.

    When using Packet Abis with MCCCH the maximum of 4 CCCH channels
    per cell can be used


    Hi all,

    you can use parameter CCCH from 1 to max 4.

    Multiple CCCH is used in order to increase paging capacity in cells. Multiple
    CCCH means that up to 4 time slots can be configured with CCCH blocks. The
    new CCCH channels shall be configured on TN2, TN4 and TN6 on the BCCH

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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