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    Hi Pix,

    I have this problem:

    I have a mobile phone,wherein within the vicinity of the main city everyone can call and send SMS to me.
    But when I go out the city,say i go to a certain province, i have a very good signal but my phone can’t be reach. I can also received SMS but with much delay..

    What do you think is the problem?


    Hello Turd,

    By going out of the city, you’re probably leaving the area which is covered by MSC A, and entering MSC B. Therefore your subscriber information must be transmitted from one MSC to another one.

    You might want to check your HLRs, VLRs and MSCs, can they communicate well with each others ? I’m not an expert in core network, but I know that a MSC should be able to communicate with another MSC in order to exchange subscriber information.

    If you remain in the same MSC, this is a very very weird problem 🙂 Are you using different HLR within the same MSC ? Check your HLRs then. (As i say, i’m not expert in this domain, so i wouldn’t know what to check, sorry !)



    Hellow everybody
    I am working with Huawei CDMA BSS system.I am facing problem with call drop of some sector of a BTS.other sector with that BTS is fine.plz help me regarding this.What % of call drop is acceptable?


    the call drop should be less then 2 % , what’s the reason of the call drops????

    Syed Adil

    how can we control bad incomming handovers.if feasible let me know the reasons related to this.Thanks


    hi pix, i want know which parameter cause fail handover



    Bad HO are mostly due to interference, bad coverage or congestion.


    Parameters can’t cause HO failures ! The parameters just control the preparation of the HO (what is the cause of the HO ? which cell will be the target for this HO ?). They do not prevent a HO to execute properly.

    On the other hand, you can prevent a HO to be detected : by not defining a neighbor relationship, or by putting a very high HO MARGIN, or a very low L_RXLEV_DL_H, etc…



    What might be the reason for mute calls in GSM ?
    We have got complains that the caller cant hear anything from other site and after sometimes he/she can listen some noises.


    Check your BSC-MSC interface configurations (timeslots, address, etc)

    Check also interference in this area

    And finally, check that your TRX’s are working fine.


    what is A-bis failure, I have more SD failures due to A-bis failures. what should I do to reduce it.Please help


    Dear All,
    Iam working for NSN, we have some problem in some cell SDCCH drop rate is very high, cell has 30% SDCCH Drop Rate and 1 TRXs will almost no traffic something. we replace the HW and did not find any problem. Please hep me in this issue


    check sdcch drop per trx
    call drop per trx
    tch average duration per trx
    sdcch average duration per trx

    if you see trx1 is having a big problem, lock it
    and see if other trx’s are fine or not.

    Ajaya maharjan

    We are using Siemens equipment.Can we check Drops per TRX? If so then how can we check?

    Tanvir Ahmed

    Hi All,

    In our network we are using Motorola H2SC Macro BTS. And our network has Motorola & Ericsson. The problem that I am encountering is related to SD drop. My question is What are the reasons of SD drop and poor RF_ASS_SR in motorola system?

    I have checked DL_BER & UL_BER also UL/DL path balance & inetrference. Locked TRX and swap the TRXs. And even reconnected all the cables but the problem of SD drop is very high with poor RF_ASS_SR.

    Plzz help



    can you tell me the difference betwen C1 and C2, cell reselection and HO
    give how to do the priority of cell if you have for example two cell the first coverage not good and the second good (Neighbor cell)and then i need that MS maintain the bad coverage not hand off to the good coverage.

    How can use KPI to TEMS and it possible to convert logfile to MS word

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 99 total)
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