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PS request & allocation

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    hi experts,

    in which case GPRS/EDGE allocation of timeslots can exceed requests of timeslots for PS services,in a cell in any one hour.


    allocation exceed requests!!! as i know that allocation is done while receiving the request to define the required TS on Abis and Atermux Level according to MCS or CS, anyway if the requested TS are not available ressource will be allocated according to availabe TS on each interface.


    thanks Peter for replying.
    thats true that allocation will done as per the requests.
    actually im getting some stats that are showing that total allocation is exceeding total request for CS timeslots in an hour for a cellsite.
    thats y i raised this query.

    addition to this point, can anyone clear this that what happens for a request raised at the verge of cell boundary,say request is raised for 3 CS timeslots from a cell, then before allocation cell selection comes in picture. then what happens???

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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