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Off Net Calls Problem

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    Hi Engineers,
    In our network we’re facing difficulties in calling one operator. I mean there are four GSM operator in the country. Our customers can call two operator without a call setup difficulty but there’s one operator which results into call setup difficulties. Strange this is this problem occurs in only one city within the country. Where could the cause be??
    Our network or the other operator network? Which Network Element specifically??
    Please help…


    Please guys. Any suggestion??


    Hi Alexia,

    From what you described, I think the problem may be with the signalling to your gateway MSC. You said the problem occurs within one city…does this city have its own MSC or BSC? If yes, then check the signalling links between this MSC/BSC and your gateway MSC. Your core network guys will be able to check these for you.



    A bit more detailed description of setup problem would help but it looks like typical core issue, check all core elements (MGW, MSCS,STP if any) for that city both on both sides.


    Well you should atleast state the issue. are you getting network busy or any other rejection. based on rejection the issue can be multiple. in our network the issue was that once a number seriese of Landline was not defined which resulted in calls not being made to that no seriese.
    If the issue is of Mute calls check the interconnect E1s for issues.
    If there is network busy check if the Aters interconnecting don’t get congested.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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