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Problem with AMR-WB enabled mobile set !

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    Hi all (Specially to PIX)

    Plz plz kindly answer.
    We took TEMS-11.

    By default, this set has the following codec enabled.

    AMR-WB, AMR FR, AMR HR,EFR, FR,HR & 3 codec for UMTS.

    we’ve siemens BR-8 network & Flexi.

    In siemens we are not being able to make calls when all the codecs are enabled.

    When, from TEMS or mobile set, we are disabling AMR-WB we are being able to make call in siemens.

    But in Flexi we are being able to make calls smoothly i.e we don’t need to configure anything from TEMS or mobile set.

    We made a call trace for siemens & got an unknown/undefined Speech version ID which is AMR-WB.

    So, anyone can kindly help regarding this issue.


    hi ahmed,

    no experience with siemens… so just sharing some thoughts.
    in the siemens TC, did you implemented the TRAU that can support AMR WB ?
    Have you tried contacting their support team ? This is perhaps a known problem in your version that was fixed in a patch.



    I was in Siemens up to 2 years ago, and I implemented WB-AMR on BTS side. WB-AMR is a BR10.0 Feature. So I think it is not supported in BR8.0


    Thanks Pix and Michele.

    I also am thinking that this is not possible in BR-8.

    But problem is that my boss is saying this can be done.

    In siemens, initial codec is assigned by the BSC according to the preference of mobile which is sent on at the time of SETUP.

    Mobile is requesting full rate speech version 1 even if we don’t configure any codec from mobile set of TEMS.

    BSC can override the codec only at the time of radio & ABIS TCH congestion.

    So why BSC is not allocating TCH for AMR in case of siemens?

    In Flexi there is a parameter Initial AMR Codec Type which can be configured as follows

    Priority to AMR
    Priority to WB-AMR
    Obey Codec list according to MSS.

    Last one is default & so within siemens MSC, Flexi BSC is being able perform call setup.

    What i want to say is that siemens BSC can ignore WB-AMR & can proceed with AMR or simple HR or FR.

    Why not it is doing like that.

    Waiting for reply.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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