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TCH Drop in Ericsson VSAT run Site

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    Can anyone help me to know the exact reason of TCH drop in Ericsson site for which Transmission is VSAT.
    When seeing the reasons of TCH drop, its seems TCH decreasing as the Transmission type is E1overIP(Abis Optimizer,iDirect Modem and Common BW is shared among all the sites connected to Abis Optimizer. Seems Abis Congestion. Also the site is Stand Alone.
    Is there any issue of satellite RTT(delay).
    If I have 3/3/3 configuration and single band 900 is used. what would be bandwidth requirement, in kbps?
    Hope you suggest me soon!
    Also what is the solution of TS sync fault commonly seen in ericsson RBS. we are using RBS2216 and RBS2111.


    Hi RK,

    I have only answer on part of your questions:
    1- for BW, 9TRXs= 1152 without EDGE, 1920kbps with EDGE (minimum value)
    2- for TS SYNC alarm:
    – Manually block the fault-suspected TS: command RXBLI.
    – Test the fault-suspected TS: use command RXTEI.
    – If test result doesn’t indicate a fault in the TS, Perform a loop test: use command RXLTI.
    – If loop test is successful, manually deblock the fault-suspected MO: use command RXBLE.
    – If test result indicates a fault in the TS or loop test failed check the E1 TRC side.


    Thanks Andy,
    Can you let me know how did you calculate the BW for 9 TRX. Any calculation. Plz elaborate.



    HI Andy,

    You have forgotten to take into account the BW for signalling to make the TRX operate. So the BW for a TRX is 8 * 16k plus 16 k for signalling if TG concentration is used concentration factor=4, give the command RXMOP ont TG, and see the parameter CONFACT if is set to 4. therefore the BW for one TRX is 128+16 equal 144 kb/s without EDGE.

    Can you please let me know how you have calculated the BW for a EDGE TRX.

    Best regards


    hello, I changed the CONFACT from 3 to 2 on a site and the TCH drop increased due to bad quality.

    could you please help me to know what can be the cause of that?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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