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GSM architecture

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    Hello every one. Im new in telecommunication company and Iam on internship. As an Engineer, I have came up with new ideas.

    The IDEA
    1) I want the subscriber to manage his money in the cell phone, for example if the subscriber has a balance of $5.00 in his phone and he wants to make a call, but he does not want to use all the money he has.Lets say he want to spend $1.00 on that call. Then he must be able to split his money. He must have $4.00 stored in his HLR or (some where in his account) and $1.00 must be stored differently some where in his account and ready to be deducted from the call that would be made.
    A good example is what happens in public phones whereby a public phone can be recharged with $20.00 and a person can ask to make a call using $2.00 and a public phone administrator would allow a person to use only $2.00 out of $20.00 in the public phone.

    2)We as the company, our subscribers should be able to borrow airtime from us and be payable within a month. This idea would be very helpful. I have seen people in need of airtime at around 10pm and if you go to the shop you, find the shop closed or the shop being out of airtime stock and the subscriber would have to recharge at morning when stock is available.

    So before I can carry on with this project. I would be happy if you guys give me materials on how a call is made and how subscribers are being charged or which equipments are used to forward calls and which are used to charge calls.I would be glad if I can get every detail or step that occurs during call forwarding. I know little about GSM architecture.


    2/ i’m not sure I understand… It sounds a lot like “postpaid” : a subscriber is debited 30 euro/month and can talk for free for 2hrs. If he exceeds this duration, his next bill is going to be higher… On the opposite, the “prepaid” is expensive and restrictive, but you feel like you manage your talk time better.



    hi macfeni,

    it’s good to see non-technical threads once in a while. I’m just going to share some thoughts

    1) the operator doesn’t want the subscriber to be able to limit its calls duration. They love the greens, you know 🙂 The only thing that simulates what you want to do is within the phone itself. The phone can be set to “bip” when the call reaches a certain duration.

    (continues in next post)


    Hi macfaleni,
    Your ideas are really interesting ones. Unfortunately, I can’t help much, because I don’t have much knowledge in IN/VAS. However, I’m pretty sure it’s possible to implement both ideas…your IN/VAS department should help you, as both scenarios fall in their domain.

    I’ll also like to mention that one network in my country currently has a promotion which is almost like idea no. 2, whereby prepaid subs can exceed the value of their credit, but the balance is deducted at the next recharge.



    Thanks for that idea I would contact the IN\VAS department. no2) the prepaid subscriber must be able to borrow airtime from us and in the next recharge it would depend to him if he wants to settle the account or not but after a period of 30 days we would deduct the money from his balance in the phone or we will deduct it from the recharge that he will make after he had exceeded 30 days without paying his credit.

    I would be glad if you can make me awere of the disadvantages of this idea.


    Hi pix,
    In my country we have two communication companies. So for me,I think to atract more subscribers, we have to make them manage their money, meaning they should manage their call durations unless there are disadvantages I do not realise about the idea (no1) and I would be glad if you can come up with them.

    2)Ok! it should be prepaid. All I want is to greate flexibility. For instance, a subscriber can be miles away from shops and happens that he needs to make an emergency call but he does not have any airtime in the phone. I think he must be able to ask us to recharge for him and he will pay us when he gets to the shop.


    Hi macfaleni

    You have interesting idea and good you are keen.

    An observation when you say “emergency call” do you mean:

    1) a call to police/ambulence/fire (which are usually free)

    or do you mean

    2) an urgent call – could person not ask operator mob/landline for a reverse charge call (called party pays for call)


    kamal kotecha

    it sounds familiar..
    For 1,
    sum ph has internal coast setting menu..u have to enter u r curent balance once n your call charge per ph will do as per idea..u have to do this when u refil u r account everytime..
    For 2nd,
    our customer(operator) provide an application (using sms on toll free num)as well as gprs based where we can provide our credit/debit card detail n recharge accordingly..application name-mchek ..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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