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Reasons for low traffic

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    Kunal kejriwal

    Can anyone tell that what may be the reasons for low traffic and less cell utilization in a cell?



    The most obvious reason will be…errmmmm….people are not making calls?

    But then if you think there’s traffic to be carried which the cell is not carrying, then it might be due to faulty hardware ( TRX, antennas, combiners, etc).

    It can also be due to parameter settings…cell barring, cell priority, output power, min. access level, etc.



    pleas explain to me the reason; the TCH traffic is zero (no any call on the cell or site totally):
    1. TCH availability= 100%.
    2. no any fault on the TBS.
    3. no cell bering.
    4. no blocking TRX.
    5. in some cells no ICMB, but in some I have.
    6. layar 1 for 1800 band and and 2 for 900.
    7. there is many subscribers around site.

    I can ask my question by another way:
    why there is call some time buy in another day
    on the same cell there is no any call?

    thanks for co-operation



    I would need more data to help you. You seem to say that the site is fully operational, no alarm, everything is good. Therefore you seem to believe it is a parameter issue ?

    Are there call setup in the cell ?
    What are the number of
    SDCCH requests & success?
    TCH requests & success?
    incoming HO requests & success?
    outoing HO requests & success ?

    If all those numbers are zero, then it is probably a hardware problem : are you sure your antennas are connected ? Do some drivetest around the site, check the BCCH coverage.
    Lock on the cell, perform some call set ups, then check your statistics again, see if your attempts are displayed or not.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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