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    hi all.
    in my BSC(NOKIA) default Network operation mode is NMO_II.
    as you know in this mode the network sends a
    CS paging message for a GPRS-attached MS on the
    CCCH paging channel, and this channel is also used
    for GPRS paging. This means that the MS needs only
    to monitor the CCCH paging channel, but that CS
    paging continues on this paging channel even if the MS
    has been assigned a packet data channel.

    i want to know if all MSs(all brands)can hear the CS paging messages on CCCH paging channel?
    and if they can,can they to answer to this CS paging and go to CS call??
    and if they cant,is it not better to they should not hear to CS paging??

    how i can enable NMO_I in my network.what is prerequisite??

    meantime,is this NMO_II capable to handle EPRS-attached MS??


    hi all.
    a forget this:
    I just want to add the DTM feature itself, while available.
    is this useful?
    i have not gs interface.


    in order to switch to NMO I you should have Gs interface or Paging coordination feature activated on BSS side, DTM only can not ensure that u are reachable in Packet transfer mode (paging over PACCH in NMO I)


    hi Peter.
    tanx for your reply.
    please clarify me about Paging coordination feature.
    i have not such v in NOKIA BSC 3i.
    maybe it have some other names??
    how i can ensure that if i just enable DTM in one cell MS reachable in Packet transfer mode (paging over PACCH in NMO I)and i was in NMO_II mode still.



    You must check with NSN if this feature is available with your vendor, anyway DTM can include implicitly the Paging coordination feature. U must check with NSN i’am not NSN expert 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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