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Average call setup time increase

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    Average call setup time increase from 4-5 seconds to 6-7 seconds.suggest the rectification measures for decreasing the average time



    what happened that increased the call setup time ?
    change of bss release ?
    change of bss parameters ?
    change of nss parameters ? (authentication, ciphering ?)


    Quite an open ended question with no assisting information.
    Mention if the issue is effecting one cell, BSC ,MSC.
    if cluster based check for blocking it may be initiating the queuing.
    if MSC based check the links they might be congested. if overall network check HLR / VLR links run traces at MSC to check at which phase of the call setup interogation the delay is coming.
    Still some more information may be helpful


    BSC was upgraded and after that this is observed.

    average call setup timer is for MSC end and it includes time from CM request till Alerting on A interface.
    need to know how we can reduce the call setup time.
    But observed the mean time in BSC counters which is observed OK


    hi Vikas,
    I think if possible add a trace on your cell phone from MSC and do a simultaneous testing via test phone,K15 and MSC trace check for their round trip responce time of MSC. There might be congestion in its signalling links or there might issue with the termination of the links.
    Well depends on which vendor you are working and which MSC you are using to decrease CS_Time. as each vendor has vendor dependent features like fast_call_Setup to reduce time




    I am monitering Call Set up from Core network MSC , and our vendor is ZTE accoridng to their defination

    the call setup is measured from Set up message to alerting meassge , so according to this defination i try to trace my cell phone in Msc system

    and i measured the duration of call setup as the time when the MSC recieve the setup meassge from BSC and when the BSC recieve the Alerting meaasge from the mSC

    is that right ??

    this is the 1 st question

    the 2 nd one is in 3 G area (MSC ) it support only 3 G (connected to RNC only )

    I notice that we have to measuremnt of call set up

    A)- call set up UMTS is approx,< 4 sec B)- call set up GSM is approx. 12 sec. it is very high and what does maen call set up GSM in UMTS area (3G MSC) I have asked the vendor , their answer is when B number make handover from 3G to 2G and also according to call waiting ? i did not find that logic could y help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi. How do I measure call setup time using Qualnet or any other simulation software.


    I am hoping anyone could help me with my question as I cannot reach an answer whatsoever, I am trying to compare the routing times to ported and unported numbers. I am considering also the four schemes All Call Query, Onward, Call Dropback, and Query on Release

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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