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Voice Quality When using TFO and AMR

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    Hi all
    Could you please send me a solution for this trouble:
    – I’m using TFO in my net
    – When I change AMR FR and HR Threshold smaller, voice quality was very bad. We heard a sound like somthing scratch on the board
    – But when we disable TFO function –> OK
    Pls help me in this
    Tks a lot



    in your current software release, is it possible to use TFO with AMR?
    In some releases, if the call is AMR, TFO is automatically disabled. Both features are not compatible.

    If TFO and AMR can work together, then it starts to be too complicated… You could first check that both TC’s and both cells are using the same parameters ?(codec sets, thresholds, etc)
    If that’s the case (for ex, both OC and TC in the same cell), then you could investigate by doing a call trace : is the UL codec of the OC the same as the DL codec for the TC ?
    (oc : originated call, tc : terminated call)
    And vice-versa : DL OC is same codec as UL TC ?

    If you see a discrepancy, then TFO and AMR are not properly coded in this software release. Based on your measurements, you should be able to discuss with your vendor…



    Tks Pix for ur feedback
    I think that in this case TFO and AMR conflict each other. Our system is not support both of them
    We already tried to change some para but not OK. And trace call show that different codec between UL and DL
    We will ask vendor for this
    Now we’re using Alcalel B10 for BSS system



    I can tell you that ALU B10 is working fine 🙂 If you make a call with a MS that supports AMR(AMR narrow band), then depending on your parameters
    -either the call is AMR without TFO
    -or the call is TFO without AMR

    Would you mind sharing here all your parameters settings releated to AMR and TFO ?
    (just ctrl+F 🙂 )


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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