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    can anybody detail on the differences between CP and APG ?


    The CP, is the central processor, the major control part of the AXE,
    The APG is the adjunct processor, belongs as well to the control part.
    The CP contains, the Dump, the configuration,of your AXE
    The APG, collect and send the data from your AXE to a remote site (OMC)
    the data, could be statistics, CDR, dump, etc…
    Basically you need an APG to access to your AXE.
    APG use an Microsoft OS,
    And we have different type of HW
    APG40C/2, APG40C/4, APG43
    In resume APG is the Input-output system of your AXE, and The CP is the Calculator


    Hi all,

    After, my answer to kishore, I ve just have a question myself:
    How the information, and the configuration are collected in the other technologies (ALCATEL, NOKIA, HUAWEI,SIEMENS,NORTEL, etc…)

    Do they have an Input-Output tool like ericsson (in ericsson, the APG is on external network, which allow collect and send info from and to CP at 1Gb/s)
    or do they have an Input output tool included inside the CP (in fact no really hardware disctinction between the CP and the input-output tool)
    Thank you for your answers


    thanks eric for the useful info

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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