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Ericson MSC

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    hi all
    my BSC is nokia and my MSC is Ericson.
    i found one feature in BSC that can send TA(timing advance) in format MSC Ericson To Switch.
    if i enable this feature in BSC how i can get the exact location of MS in MSC.
    i wanna to develop one software as below:
    input—>Mobile No(i think it was MSRN or something like this)
    output—->Location of MS on the map According to latitude and longitude given By MSC

    please give me command on MSC side.

    meanwhile this software should fined the location of ms in Idle & dedicated Mode.

    if someone is expert in developing of this software please advise me.

    thanx alot


    please someone help me
    i really need to know about this.
    i am BSS engineer and dont have any experience with Ericson Msc.


    hiii jack

    I am also bss engineer in Ericsson bsc.can u tell me the concept of time advance.


    hi jack,

    i can’t help you about the command in the E/// MSC, but i can give you one important information:
    the timing advance represents the distance between the antenna and the MS. And it is updated every 480ms, for one MS in a call or in data session. (for MS in idle mode, the TA is unknown)

    Therefore, for one MS, you will only know
    – which cell is it connected to (for example cell 6463)
    – what is the timing advance (for example TA = 5)

    in your database, you must know what is the antenna orientation of the cell 6463. Let’s say it is 120°.

    What you gather, in the end, is that the Ms is located at 5*550m (=2.75km) of the cell, at an angle of 120° +/-60°.
    (+/- 60° because that is the border with the 2 other angular sectors (=cells) from the same site.



    thanks pix
    it is very helpful

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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