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DTM Feature activation in B10

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    Anyone knows how to check if the Common id procedure is used in Core? it’s optional or basic??


    Dear Pix/Bijoy,
    I have one confusion regarding this whole discussion abt DTM.I hope you wouldn’t mind clarifying it!
    In his explanation of “Paging Co-ordination” ,Bijoy mentioned that

    “DTM and the IMSI coordination also has the benefit that non-DTM capable MSs can be reached by a CS page when in packet transfer mode regardless of network operation mode (regardless of whether the Gs interface is used or not).”
    However, I was going through a DTM(B-10) document and its clearly mentioned here that Alcatel BSS ensures CS Paging Co-ordination only in NMO 1(Gs interface present).The b/m are the exact wordings:

    “It is proposed that the BSS ensures the CS paging co-ordination only in NMO I when the Gs interface is
    present. This choice is explained
    by the following justifications:

    − In release B9, in NMO II and III, the paging co-ordination is not ensured for CS paging messages
    received while the MS is in packet transfer mode. It is not required that the DTM feature improves the paging management here.

    − According to the information received from P&S, it is likely that most of the operators will use the Gs interface in the coming years.

    − If the paging co-ordination were required in NMO II and III, upon receipt of each CS paging the BSC will have to check whether the MS is in packet transfer mode. The BSC will then have to maintain a list of MSs in PTM, which will increase BSCGP load (due to the exchange of the identity of the MS in PTM at the beginning of the PTM and at the end of the PTM).

    As the BSS does not support CS paging co-ordination, the flag BSS_PAGING_COORDINATION included in the GPRS Cell Options IE of SI13, PSI1, PSI13 and PSI14 shall be set to “0: The cell does not support CS
    paging coordination”.

    So, from the above mentioned, I come to a conclusion that without Gs Interface, there cannot be Cs Paging in Alcatel BSS. But this contradicts with Bijoy’s statement. Plz Clarify!



    Bijoy’s statement probably refers to “BSS paging coordination”, not “paging coordination with Gs-interface”

    in alu B10, the only way to do the paging coordination is to use the Gs-interface. In this case, a MS in PTM is able to receive the CS-paging on its DL PACCH (whether the MS is DTM-capable or not)

    in alu B11, the BSS paging coordination is available (therefore no Gs interface is needed)



    For information we have tried DTM in B10 without Gs and it’s not working (2 success over 10 attempts) and ALU confirm that there is a software problem @ BSC level that will be resolved in B11.

    for paging coordination we are waiting. 🙂


    Thanx Pix.
    @ Peter: Thanx for sharing ur results aswell.But when u say that DTM is not working, are you only talking about the Mobile Terminating Calls(Ps paging) or DTM as a whole feature not working.Because as far as I know, there should be no problem with Mobile Originating Calls and DTM should work fine with MOC only(even without Gs).


    i’am talking as a whole feature , even with MOC, otherwise, there was communication problems between BSC and MFS (DTM messages were not send with each DTM request) and it’s internal SW problem.


    Dear All,

    I have been investigating CS paging during packet transfer mode and I need some guidance from u pls.

    I am using TEMS to compare this behavior among several operators. There is this operator which can successfully receive CS paging during PTM. I checked System Information Type 13 messages and found that it is using NMO 2 while the bss paging coordination feature is not enabled (The cell does not support CS
    paging coordination).

    Any ideas about this case ?


    Can the operator use NMO 1 and transmit different system information messages (containing NMO 2 for example) ?

    or can it be using paging coordination and transmit that the cell does not support this feature ?

    Please advise


    Hi mxa,

    if u have enabled dtm then cs ps paging cordination is possible only with class b mobile all will not support this and i think in highr class mobile like black berry ans like this will support this because we have tested this dtm feature but it works only with blackberry


    Hi suresh,

    In SI13:
    – NMO = 2
    – DTM is not enabled
    – The cell does not support CS paging coordination.

    Also, the CS paging happens on the data channel.

    However, when the mobile is in PTM and a voice call interrupts it, the packet session is suspended. Voice call continues and when it ends, the packet session is resumed.

    I can’t find an explanation for that except there are some wrong parameters sent in SI13, is that possible ?
    I mean that Gs interface could exist but NMO 1 is broadcasted wrongfully. OR paging coordination is enabled but broadcasted wrongfully.

    P.S. the BSS is Ericsson


    Hi Experts,

    I want to test DTM in my network.
    we r using BSC Paging coordination (NMO2) & not Gs interface.i have activated DTM licence in a BSC and enabled DTM feature in BTS.
    any MSC feature also needs to be changed or not?
    what else i need to do to test DTM feature.

    Also will there be any problem in MTC if DTM is enabled on a site??

    plz help


    hi Ds,

    I think you should contact your local ALU support. There were some changes about DTM policy in B10…

    I cannot give more details here.

    Best regards,


    thanx Pix for ur reply..

    just to add i m working on Nokia system.
    i wanted to know
    1)what things i need to ensure before DTM testing on all interfaces
    2)is there some feature on MSC that is required to set for DTM enable (general infomation)
    3)With BSC paging coordination (NMO2)& Gs disabled, is there any issue in MTC if we enable DTM in network.


    yes, saying that you are on nokia system is a good info :))

    in NMO2 and with BSC paging coordination, the MSC does not need any change.

    In case of MTC while the MS is in Packet Transfer Mode (PTM), the BSC will send the CS-paging on the (PS) PACCH.
    Without paging coordination, the CS paging would be left unanswered.
    With paging coordination, the paging is sent on PACCH and will be answered:
    – if MS is DTM capable & DTM is enabled in your network : MS starts the DTM procedure, in order to do both PS and CS calls.
    – if MS is not DTM-capable or if DTM is not enabled in your nw, then MS will suspend the PS transfer, set up the CS call. At the end of the CS call, the PS transfer will (should… might… possibly… hopefully….) be resumed.



    Thanx Pix..

    i have conducted DTM trial in a BSC with paging coordination enabled.
    but DTM dint work..
    i m not getting what could be the reason for testing failure.

    does anyone has implementation document for DTM so that i can check wat could be the error form our side.
    also do we need to do any kind of configuration changes in DTM capable handset for testing.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)
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