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problems whit gps in tems

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    hi all: iam using tems investigation 10 .3 .0 and i have this probems whit the gps it goes like this. i connect all the equipment like i always do ok then open the tems progam then brows my rute conect my movils and gps brose my carpet to record my progres ok and is ok iam ready to start and then run the progam an d beging to record and everything its ok for about 5 minutesand the a gps invalid position annuncemt comes out and then then i can see thet the gps pinpoint in the map it not there but in my equipmen onnection center apper to be coonected but thats not all when i try to disconnect an reconeect a meessage appears that reads attent to connection failed i click ok and then another meesasge commes that reads tghe the tems investigations has enconter a problen and has to close take several minutes to close well the i stad over cheching evrey step above mentionet but the same i even change the gpds unit and the same proble. ill apreciate any advice asap help!!!!!

    Aya Sherif

    I have the same problem


    try to use a good notebook, the USB port may loose of your PC, actually, the USB port is NOT the best for drive test, but all the connection equipment’s interface is USB, so you only use it.


    map problem


    Resolve voice problem in tems

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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