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Improving Paging Success rate

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    Karan Singh

    @Basharat : T3113 is nothing but first paging response timer that you have set as 7 , set it to 8, also check for Call set up time.
    Anyway, you might be checking from BSS, both this & implicit detach timer are MSC timers , ask MSC guy to help you out.
    Try these settings after consulting
    TX Int. : 12, MFRMS :5 (If traffic is high, 3 if its low), AGBLK : 1. Cant comment further, share reports if possible, I need to have an idea of traffic & LAC dimensioning.

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    Karan Singh

    @Rex : I personally dimension LAC in bad PSR situation, though if you are thinking of a particular cell, check for MTC Count, LAU Attempts which should not be very high, if they are unusually high in case of border cell, increase CRH. PS: LAU will effect Paging.

    Enabling Dynamic AG preemption is OK. Concentrating on PCH is better option. How much is the traffic in the LAC/MSC you are talking about particularly MTC Traffic & what is the equipped erlangs? If possible float BHCA & CCCH Config with current paging type being used, it must be TMSI though..

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    Dear Karan,

    Can you please elaborate why are you recommending a higher value of MFRMS for higher LAC utilization?


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    Karan Singh

    MFRMS is a value that should be set carefully, it signifies the duration after which the paging cycle repeates itself.
    PS : MS listens to paging via its sub paging channel that would repeat itself after “MFRMS” no. of cycles. If I set it too low like 1 or 2 in heavy traffic conditions i.e. where heavy paging takes place, it will lead to frequent sub pg group repetitions and simeltaneously heavy page queuing. Similarly setting it too high for low traffic, shall lead to delay in paging response thereby hitting PSR. Therefore an optimum value needs to be set.

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    Dear Karan,

    Thanks for your input. Actually in cases of heavy traffic, I assume you are also talking about high PS traffic. Which will mean that eventually PS Immediate assignments will be very high on cell discarding pages. So usually in high traffic cases (where PS traffic is also significant) a low MFRMS will reduce your paging discards.


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    Karan Singh

    @ Ali : No Ali, as I have stated, in high paging zones , keep MFRMS relatively higher like 5 or 6. Please note if you set the value too low like 2 , it could lead to queuing and hence paging discards.

    Note : High traffic, high MFRMS!*
    * : Also subjective to other parameters like TX Integer, AGBLK, T3113, IMSI Detach etc.

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    Kennedy white

    Please kindly assist us on how to improve MSC paging. In our network, we have MSC in pool. Any better suggestion will be appreciated.

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    need to improve PSR in ZTE network, any suggestion? traffic load is normal.
    MFRMS :4
    AGBLK : 2
    T3113 : 10s
    T3212 : 2 hrs
    Implicit detach timer : 6 hrs
    TX Int. : 14

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    Hi Ashwini,
    Try MFRMS=5 and T3212=4 (or 6) hours.

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    Hi rex,

    how tx integer will help to improve paging sucess?

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    Hi Suresh
    Please read this post “SDCCH blocking is high”.

    Tx actually reduces RACH collisions which leads to better RACH Success Rate & hence PSR.


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    In case of we have Gs interface in our network, what are the performance indicatior should be monitored.

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    Let us know the parameter list whcih directly affecting the PSR in ericsson BSC & MSC core nodes.

    Please help

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    Hello All,

    In my Huawei Network sometimes it happens that When Utilization is less than 100% and No Alarm or open in any even then too Conjection is cominng, Plss tell me the reason.

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    Jayanta Chanda

    What are the diffrent ways we can try to improve PSR

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