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Variance in Sampling Rate

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    Vivek Khajuria

    Hi All

    Recently I had a bench mark drive done. As I was analyzing the results I found that Number of Samples for Rx Level in Idle mode for the two operators showed a variance of 20%-25% though the drive route was same.

    Can any one tell me the reason for the same.??

    Thanks in advance.


    The MS are the same model ?
    I think 3GPP says that the MS should perform a measurement at least every 5 seconds. Some MS might do measurements more frequently, sometimes.

    Also it could depend on the nulber of defined neighbours : too many neighbours and the MS might reduce the number of samples on the serving cell… because it needs to spend time measuring the too-many neighbours.



    May be these questions will help you.
    1.Are the coverage area for both the operators same,I mean is there any “no coverage zone” for the other operator.
    2.Are all BCCH frequencies there in the operators BA list?
    3.Does the MS got hanged while measurements?
    4.Are both the handset models same?Pix has a valid point,I think.

    I’ll not say anything about neighbours as you are talking of Idle mode drive.

    One more point,Though MS makes mesurements every 5 seconds,it sends the measurements only if a valid BSIC is decoded.


    vivek khajuria

    Thanks Pix & Bijoy for your replies.
    Yes both the handsets were of same make & model.
    A little bit difference is understandable but its a huge difference of almost 25% which is bothering me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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