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Fake TCH blocking

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    Chris Edwards

    I am working on ZTE equipment and we are facing a unique problem.
    Cell traffic is very low but still tch overflow occurs for short period of time and this problem occur on random sites in random times to very difficult to trace one site.
    Trx are ok,no alarm related to hardware or transmission.
    Frequency plan is also ok.
    Experts please help me out.
    Thanks in advance.


    Hi chris,

    There are many reasons for blocking a call. Most of them related to interfaces or equipment congestion.
    1/ there is no more resource in the cell (but that’s not your case)
    2/ there is no resource on the Abis interface
    3/ the BSC believes there is no more resource in the cell (algorithm issue, or fake o&m alarm in the cell ?)
    4/ the BSC capacity is maxed out : no more calls can be handled by the inner boards.
    5/ there is no more resource on the A-interface or on the Ater-mux interface.

    Best Regards,

    Chris Edwards

    Hi Pix,
    1st of all thanks a lot for your time and giving response to help me out.
    This problem is unique in a sense that it only occurs on 900 band sites and 1800 band sites have no issue at all.
    We have around 700 odd sites in which 45% sites are GSM-900 sites.
    As this problem occurs on random sites at random sites which makes it more complicated.



    Well, random times make it indeed very difficult to investigate. Even during low traffic periods (night, mid-afternoon) there are those kind of tch overflows ?

    I’ll let ZTE experts share their experiences about this…


    Chris Edwards

    dear pix
    yes it is in those times and overflows are not very high they are mostly around 1 to 5 in every hour and traffic varies from 0.etc to 1-4 erl in most cases.
    It occurs on random sites in random times.
    only 900 band sites are having this problem.
    thanks for your response.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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