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    Deay guys
    what does mean diversity term in GSM? Could somebody explain in a simple way?



    Hi Niko,

    Simple way? Its to increase te receiver sensitivty of GSM Antenna we use.

    Detail: Antenna s havin its own limitation to shoot the RF signal to a cerain limit and certain angle. Where as a mobile will be in any distance or in any angle depending on the users wish, now as an operator we need to give the maximum support to the subsrciber. Now takin a single sector we will try to capture the maximum signal sent out by mobile. This is by:
    1. Space diversity
    2. Polarization Diversity
    Space Diversity means to keep 2 antennas for same sector at a distance of 3dB maximum.
    Polarization Diversity means keepin the polarization of the plates inside the antenna tilted in such a way that the sensitivity will be at max. Mostly it will be at -45, +45 degrees.

    Hope am right, and hope u r clear.


    Niko & Prabeen,

    I just want to share a less technoid way to look at it 🙂

    The analogy with human body is nice :
    the BTS has two ears, and listen to each MS with its 2 ears.

    2 ears = 2 antenna path.

    The BTS will the recombine both signals, to create the highest quality possible.

    This improves the UL sensitivity of the BTS a lot –> It is called “RX Diversity”.

    There is also TX Diversity : ths time, the BTS has 2 mouths : same signal is sent through two different antenna paths.



    Dear Pix & Prabeen
    thanks a lot for your explanations. As well in some books i see “full diversity” . What does it mean?


    Beautiful explanation pix.

    Well, in same way could u explain wat is RX path loss, and why is there RX Diversity Alarms high in my network?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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