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PS Tarffic in OL/UL

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    I have Ericsson network. I have deployed OL/UL Subcells and AMR traffic is balanced. But PS traffic is only confined in UL so this causes me lower DL throughput maximum up to 170 kbps while using FTP with 4TS in DL with MCS9 coding. How can I make my throughput higher???? While using WAP i can get DL throughput upto 228 kbps with 4TS in DL with MCS9 coding.Can I shift my PS traffic to OL(1800)? if yes how??
    Plz suggest me..Pix u have any idea?


    try rlgsc:cell=xxxx,scalloc=bothUL ( uses both layers but prefer UL) TO change this parameter I think you’ll need an optional feature activation


    Thanks Ater,
    This has been enabled but OL is still not taking PS(EGPRS) traffic. Can you suggest more?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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