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Gos %

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    the gade of service is best measurment to know the quality of network , so value between 2% and 5% is good grade of service . how we calculate the grade of service of network i know from erlang table , Is there another to find out % of Grade of service .


    It is usually the same as the TCH congestion rate at BH, and the SDCCH congestion rate at BH.


    thankz alot pix


    can any body give more explanation about the GOS% .
    and is it possible to get the GOS of the whole network using the ErlngB calculator .(by entering one by one the Value of Erlange of specific cell and the number of TCH channels,and then obtaining the GOS or the Blockage of that cell ,, and same of all cells in the network. then summing them all and getting the average value of all >)



    The GOS is used only to design a cell.
    You *decide* to use a GOS of 2% in your design, to dimension your cell capacity, vs. the offered traffic.

    If you already have a live network, you actually look at the TCH CONGESTION RATE, which is a precise measurement of how many calls are blocked in your network.

    The network congestion rate is indeed a kind of “weighted” average of all cells congestion (weight depends on traffic carried by each cell)



    Oh guys nice discusion, but i have 1 more question for you.
    I have designed a network with 2% of GOS and after implemented it i got 1 cell with 51 channels making 55 erlangs, doest it mean that this cell is 15% congested, or 15% will be blocked.

    with many regards,


    Thanks Pix 4 ur reply
    but i got ur point , but could u tell me how is it used in designing a cell.

    4 example , if I’d like to design a cell 15 TCH channels with 2% GOS,
    how can i forced the cell to have a max traffic of 9.010 Erl.


    Designing a cell means :

    you know how much traffic in the area (12 erlangs for example)
    you know much congestion your subscribers would accept (1% for example)

    And from this two data, you can compute how many TCH channels are needed in the cell…

    You cannot “force” traffic to be carried… if the subscribers are not calling, you can’t force them to use their cellphones 🙂


    Dear Pix
    thanks alot , i got it.

    but i can force subscriber to call more and more by making calls free of charges 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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