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ErlangB – GSM – shared TRX (in & out)

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    Shamsir F.


    I am out of idea right now and requesting any open idea

    ok, based on ErlangB formula I could perform planning & optimization on my network

    Let say I have (based on observation record)
    TRX(N) = 2 (14 channels)
    Call drop = 10% (Busy Hour)
    Erlang = 9.47 (Busy Hour)

    now, I want to reduce the drop to 2%, and keep Erlang constant, the result N around 16.

    The problem comes in N, coz the 14 channels are shared for incoming and outgoing(that is why Erlang 9.47 instead of 11.5). Hence, the N value is not really 14,

    Anybody could help me out on how to make “more” practical calculation?

    cao ning

    Hi, if you have answer, shall you share with me at

    Adetoro ademakinwa

    i need information on traffic analysis in GSM

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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